February 24-26 - Gracepoint Preview- If you have not experienced Gracepoint and you’d like to see their Friday night programming and Sunday services/ministries, we'd strongly encourage you to take part in the Gracepoint Preview BEFORE the Collaborative.This preview gives you a hands on, backstage pass to Gracepoint. You will see an incredible system that engages 2,500 people across 10+ campuses. There is no additional cost for the preview, but there is no Saturday programming other than breakfast with Gracepoint leaders on Saturday morning. If you and your team want to spend an extra fun day touring the bay area, Saturday will give you an ideal opportunity for it. Those taking part in the optional preview should plan to arrive by 4PM PST on Friday, February 24th.


February 27-March 2Collegiate Church Planting Collaborative - This gathering is a high intensity, in-depth learning experience centered on bringing teams together to multiply and amplify collegiate church planting. Warning: We’ll keep you in "full court press" during the event.