The Collaborative offers several learning platforms. Large group presentations, midsize topic breakouts, and white-boarding scenarios will all take place during the event. These platforms are designed to provide shared learning, innovation distribution, and networking development among collegiate church leaders.

Affinity groups

These sessions are designed for experienced collegiate church planters to share best practices and process challenges with individuals in similar ministry sites and situations. The goal of affinity groups is to utilize the strengths and innovations of collegiate pastors/planters to spur one another on toward greater impacts and success.

Plenary gatherings

These “full group” times focus on the bigger picture of collegiate church planting in North America. Leaders from key collegiate church planting tribes/networks will share about their journey in planting within the university environment. They are designed 1) to inform participants about the greater landscape of collegiate churches, and 2) to inspire the group to contribute to the expansion of college/university church planting.

Topic Breakouts

These sessions are designed to facilitate one-way content delivery related to church planting on/around the campus. Speakers spend 30 minutes presenting and a limited amount of time is available for Q&A. Collaborative participants have a choice between multiple breakouts during each content breakout session. The goal of these breakouts is to share the most strategic and innovative "A+" content available from participating churches. 

Collaborative War Games Scenario

The war games scenario is an hour-long strategy session created to increase learning from the Collaborative with field-base scenarios for  collegiate church planting multiplication. The goal of the the war game scenario is 1) to enhance connectivity between the collegiate church tribes, and 2) to cross-pollinate ministry through-streams via problem solving.