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February 26th-28th, 2019

Collaborate• Network• Innovate


What is a Collaborative?

Collaborative is a gathering of current and future innovators working to strategically plant churches in university contexts. This biannual event brings multiplying leaders together to examine ministry methods, share best practices, learn from other leaders, build relationships among key influencers and tackle the most strategic questions of accelerating the Gospel through university settings.

During the three-days of Collaborative, invitees move in and out of large group and small group (Cohort) sessions, participate in breakouts, engage plenary sessions and doing family meals. Every participant has the opportunity to hear from field experts as well as to contribute their knowledge and experience to the collective learning of the Collaborative.  By Collaborative’s end, all attendees will walk away with 1) a deeper understanding of their own system, 2) a broader view of effective ministry in university settings and 3) an actionable team generated plan with next steps to accelerate planting through their church.


Collaborative is an immersive, church planting accelerator event sponsored by the Send Network. What to learn more? Find them here:"



The Collaborative will be hosted by Gracepoint Berkeley in Alameda, California. The church building is located just 4 minutes away from the Oakland International Airport.



Participants should plan to be engaged in learning and cohorts “wall-to-wall” throughout the event. We pack the schedule tight because we place a high value on leaders and on maximizing their time away from families and ministries. This means that participants should not plan off-site activities during Collaborative. But If you and your team want to explore the bay area, we encourage you to arrive a couple days early (arriving Sunday or Monday).  Early arrival will give your team time to get acclimated to the west coast and the chance to explore the San Francisco Bay area. Gracepoint families are happy to house participants during this time, but participants will need to arrange for their own transportation via rental or public transportation.



Travel & Lodging



During the registration process, Collaborative participants will be paired with Gracepoint Berkeley church members for accommodations. Not only does this host and planter arrangement help with cost savings, but it also provides stronger connections and networking between collaborative participants and Gracepoint leaders and families. Church members will provide all transportation during the Collaborative.  

If you would prefer other accommodations and your own transportation, feel free to secure them at your own expense. We recommend the Hampton Inn Oakland Airport because of its close proximity to Gracepoint. Participants may choose early arrival or delay departure to enjoy time in the San Francisco area.


All meals and snacks will be provided on site.


Arrival & Departure //  Please plan your travel to arrive by 4pm on Tuesday, February 26, and then depart the morning of March 1. Please do not plan departure before 7 am Friday morning.

Hotel // Oakland International Airport Hotel (at participants' expense)

Airports // Oakland International Airport- (OAK)

Airport shuttling to and from the airport will be provided



The Gracepoint Family


An Acts 2 Church in Every College Town

Gracepoint began as a campus-focused church in 1981 and was located just a block away from the UC Berkeley campus. Around the mid-1980's, the first wave of graduates decided to stay with the desire to build up the church and to minister to college students as they themselves were ministered to. Now they exist with the Mission of "An Acts 2 Church in every College town".

Gracepoint Philosophy & Commitment 

Gracepoint Church has a rich history of planting churches on college campuses. Currently, Gracepoint has churches on 18 sites including at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, University of Washington in Seattle, the University of Texas in Austin, the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and at Hsinchu in Taiwan. Gracepoint also has new campus ministries at California State University of San Francisco, California Polytechnic at Pomona, University of Southern California, and California State University at San Diego.

Once again, Ed Kang (pastor of Gracepoint Berkeley), and the Gracepoint family will be hosting us in their facilities. They have very graciously offered to cover a majority of the costs and logistics associated with this type of gathering.  Kang and his team believe in collegiate church planting at their core, and their vision is to see an Acts 2 church on every college/university campus in North America. They believe in you and what you do, and they are passionate about expanding your impact & influence. Seriously, there are no better hosts!

Learn more about Gracepoint Fellowship (Berkeley), Oakland, CA


University of California - Berkeley

University of California - Berkeley