There are over 21 Million college students and 4,000 campuses in North America. To reach them all we must start somewhere.

A group of practitioners from the Collaborative identified the 400 largest campuses as the most strategic launching point for an urgent, multiplying, collegiate church planting movement. The maps below show the campuses, current church plants and those preparing to launch soon, and those that still need to be reached.

"THE 400"

The first map shows the strategic target campuses in North America for Collegiate Church Planting. Not only do these schools represent the majority of students, but many are surrounded by smaller "satellite" campuses and community colleges that will also be impacted by a healthy, multiplying church plant on the larger university campus.

"THE 290"

The next map shows the roughly 290 campuses in Regions where there is little Gospel presence. Blue pins represent campuses where there is currently not a collegiate church plant. Click for more information about each location.

Current Church Plants

We praise God for the current collegiate church plants already elevating and advancing the Gospel on campuses across North America, and for the church planters and teams preparing to launch soon. Please join us in praying for and partnering with these church plants. Click any of the pins in the map for more information.